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It is so awkward to think about death especially when we feel like we’re in the prime of our lives. It’s the one guaranteed part of life yet too often we don’t plan for it. We invite you to consider planning for death as perhaps the ultimate act of love and protection for you and your family members.

Sometimes we believe the less we have, the less need there is for estate planning.  But that is not so. The less you have, the less your dependents are likely to have and therefore what you can give them is of great importance. It makes no difference whether you have an abundance to leave for your loved ones: you and they need to be sure that your intentions will benefit them when you’re gone, despite unforeseen obstacles. 

​What does a Power of Attorney do?

Powers of Attorney speak about your wishes or your health care or the care of your property – but only while you are alive. They  become invalid as soon as you pass away. At the same time, the moment you pass your will becomes effective and speaks to your wishes for your loved ones as soon as you pass. It is therefore necessary to have two powers of attorney — one for your health, while you are alive, a second for your property while you are alive, together with a will to speak to your wishes for your loved ones upon your passing. 

Lighten the burden of the most trying time in your loved one’s lives — incapacity through illness or your passing. Our family lawyers in Brampton understand the emotions and the legalities that arise upon the passing of a loved one. We will guide you through creating your estate documents or through probating wills for you, ensuring that even in your absence, your love and protection are present and providing for your family.

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